Friday, February 12, 2010

MyTown Game Art

All assets are done in Illustrator.
All assets property of Booyah Inc.


carguin said...

Wow dude. You made so many of these. All are distinct and professional. Respek!!

Emil said...

Thank's Carmen!
I'm loving your latest works, too! Don't mean to be congratulating each other... but you've certainly improved a lot. Congratulations on a Christmas Carol!!! I'm so jealous now, I wish I can break into film too... :)

Anonymous said...

Emil, dude! This one is so HOT!! I love these teaser drawings of yours :> You have such great talent. Too bad you weren't around in the Tex Avery days! He could've utilized your skillz :> It's Tim, again :>

Blogger said...

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