Monday, February 2, 2009

Gesture Drawing

I've always thought of gesture drawing as "exercising" for artists :>


Andreita said...

Your work is very beautiful.
All work.
Muy lindo.

ban said...

gee.. what crap is this..?

kidding!! just checking if I can finally post here! keep the good works rolling in~

Anonymous said...


My name is Doc Waller, Executive Artistic Director of The Layman Group, a nonprofit Arts organization based out of East Alabama. I was doing research for "geture drawings" to use as our dance company's logo, and feel your beautiful work is perfect. Of course we want to make sure we receive permission to do so first. Presently, we aren't able to offer monetary compensation (presently), but we'd love to work out a feature for your on our site and perhaps out our Grand Opening later this fall!

I'd love to speak with you ASAP, as we are marketing a new performance very soon!

Learn more about us at You can reach me at or by calling 206-338-3930.

Truly hope to speak with you soon!