Saturday, May 10, 2008

"Patricia Wood's LOTT3RY"- Storybeats

The project "LOTT3RY" is based on the novel "Lottery" by Patricia Woods. It's a beautiful story about a 31- year- old man with an IQ of 76 who won 12 million dollars in the Washington State Lottery. The story offers a wide range of design possibilities- from comedy to drama to tragedy to really has everything!
Note: This project is not affiliated to Patricia Woods. This is only a student project, not an actual film.


emily barrera said...

Hey Emil, saw your stuff at the SpringShow.
Great Work.
Love these storybeats.

ORION said...

This is really quite nice. I'm flattered you have chosen to work with my novel.
Much Aloha,
Patricia Wood

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